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The EFCC Position Papers represent the view of the construction chemicals manufacturers on the on-going regulatory discussions.


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September 2021
Constructing a Sustainable Europe by EFCC

‘Constructing a Sustainable Europe’ articulates how the European Federation for Construction Chemicals, its member companies and partner federations aim to contribute to sustainable development. Strategic priorities are defined, that are essential to progress sustainable development and at the same time ensure the competitiveness of the construction chemicals industry in Europe. Moreover, an update is given of EFCC’s contributions so far.

Sustainability Construction
April 2021
EFCC Proposed KPIs for the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability requires the creation of "Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the industrial transition towards the production of safe and sustainable chemicals’’.

EFCC proposed 12 KPIs to the European Commission. 

KPIs Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability