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May 2017
Press release EU council on Industry Conclusions on a future EU industrial policy strategy

Press Release EU Council on future EU Industrial policy strategy

Industrial Policy
May 2017
2017-04-19 BMUB - press release - German takes action against EC.pdf

Germany takes legal action against EC because of incomplete Construction standard

National EU countries reports & studies
April 2015
ECHA Newsletter. An industry perspective: Kao Chemicals Europe. Implementing REACH as a registrant and downstream user

Implementing REACH is one of the most challenging tasks that the European chemicals industry has faced. At Kao Chemicals Europe, a team of five professionals is working to fulfil the regulatory obligations as a manufacturer, importer, downstream user and only representative. In this article they describe some of their experiences with REACH, particularly from a downstream user perspective.

March 2015
EFCC press release- In memoriam

Mr. Hans-Peter Riester, Business Unit Manager STA of Kao Chemicals Europe and EFCC Board member, passed away on 24 March 2015 in a dramatic accident.

April 2014
EFCC press release- Chemical Exposure Assessment under REACH. Specific Consumer Exposure Determinants (SCEDs)

The Downstream Users of Chemicals Co-ordination group (DUCC) and the oil industry association (CONCAWE) have published a guide on how to use Specific Consumer Determinants (SCEDs) for chemical exposure assessment under REACH.

The SCEDs document typical conditions of use of consumer products, and represent realistic assumptions for consumer exposure assessments.

EU Initiative and International Initiative
January 2014
EFCC press release- Do we really want manufacturing in Europe?. Yes, we do!

For the first time in many years, the Commission has started to profile EU manufacturing as a keystone in the European recovery, and has started to discuss possible actions to avoid the increasing European de-industrialisation.

However, a fundamental question seems to remain. Do we need manufacturing in Europe? Yes, we do!

EU Initiative and International Initiative
November 2013
European Coatings Journal- Supplement construction chemicals (November 2013)

The Special European Coatings Supplement "Construction Chemicals" contains:

  • A look into the future
  • Nanotechnology for concretes
  • Shrinkage compensating concretes

June 2013
Construction Products Europe press release- New developments at CEPMC

The new name creates a more accurate reflection of the association’s activities and alongside the change of name we have developed a new logo and new website

December 2012
EFCC press release- EFCC Vice-President, Dr. Bertram R. Müller, passes away

The managing partner of MC Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co KG and Vice-President of EFCC, Dr. Bertram R. Müller, died on 27 December at the age of 60.


April 2012
European Coatings Journal- Supplement construction chemicals (April 2012)

The Special European Coatings Supplement "Construction Chemicals" contains:

  • How to save buildings
  • Dry mix mortar: storage stability
  • Sustainable concrete protection