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March 2015
EFCC press release- In memoriam

Mr. Hans-Peter Riester, Business Unit Manager STA of Kao Chemicals Europe and EFCC Board member, passed away on 24 March 2015 in a dramatic accident.

April 2014
EFCC press release- Chemical Exposure Assessment under REACH. Specific Consumer Exposure Determinants (SCEDs)

The Downstream Users of Chemicals Co-ordination group (DUCC) and the oil industry association (CONCAWE) have published a guide on how to use Specific Consumer Determinants (SCEDs) for chemical exposure assessment under REACH.

The SCEDs document typical conditions of use of consumer products, and represent realistic assumptions for consumer exposure assessments.

EU Initiative and International Initiative
January 2014
EFCC press release- Do we really want manufacturing in Europe?. Yes, we do!

For the first time in many years, the Commission has started to profile EU manufacturing as a keystone in the European recovery, and has started to discuss possible actions to avoid the increasing European de-industrialisation.

However, a fundamental question seems to remain. Do we need manufacturing in Europe? Yes, we do!

EU Initiative and International Initiative
January 2011
Chemical Watch- Parliament plenary vote on the Construction Products Regulation

At a second reading plenary vote today, the European Parliament adopted the complete text of the proposed construction products Regulation that was adopted by the Council of Ministers in December. The vote means the Regulation should be adopted in the next few months.
Today's agreement adds a requirement which says that in addition to the current requirements, information referred to in articles 31 or 33 of the REACH Regulation must be provided together with the declaration of performance. Like many of the construction products Regulation' provisions, it would apply from 1 July 2013.


National EU countries reports & studies
January 2011
EFCC press release- Parliament plenary vote on the Construction Products Regulation

The European Parliament adopted in second reading the Construction Products Regulation.
EFCC welcomes the adoption by the Parliament of this new Regulation that will enter fully into force on 1 July 2013, and which strengthens the Declaration of Performance, as well as the procedures for Notified Bodies and market surveillance for construction products.
However, EFCC continues to regret that the objective of simplification of the regulatory environment and better regulation for construction products have not been achieved, and considers that some of the new provisions will impose unnecessary burdens to enterprises.In that sense, the new Construction Products Regulation is indeed a missed opportunity.

National EU countries reports & studies