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January 2011
EFCC press release- Parliament plenary vote on the Construction Products Regulation

The European Parliament adopted in second reading the Construction Products Regulation.
EFCC welcomes the adoption by the Parliament of this new Regulation that will enter fully into force on 1 July 2013, and which strengthens the Declaration of Performance, as well as the procedures for Notified Bodies and market surveillance for construction products.
However, EFCC continues to regret that the objective of simplification of the regulatory environment and better regulation for construction products have not been achieved, and considers that some of the new provisions will impose unnecessary burdens to enterprises.In that sense, the new Construction Products Regulation is indeed a missed opportunity.

National EU countries reports & studies
March 2009
European Coatings Journal- Article- No sharp border between bio- and chemical- based

March 2009
European Coatings Journal- Article- Keine scharfe Grenze (German version)

Manufacturing products and applications that comply even more with regulations and demands for eco-friendly construction chemicals is a clear target for the industry.
According to Dr. Michael Hiller, Vice-President at the European Federation for Construction Chemicals, bio-based products can compete with conventional ones in performance and quality.However, further rigid European regulations can slow down developments and limit the use of existing applications.

January 2008
CEFIC press release- First European Study on Formaldehyde Benefits Presented

The European Formaldehyde Industry Association, FormaCare, presented the first European study ever to be conducted on the socio-economic benefits of formaldehyde to the economy.
The analysis quantifies the value of formaldehyde to society and the contribution of the formaldehyde industry to the economies of the European Union and Norway.
It provides data on all formaldehyde derivatives including detailed evaluations of major applications.

March 2007
European Coatings Journal- Article- Der Erfolg is programmiert (German version)

After the founding of the European Federation for Construction Chemicals (EFCC) , Norbert Schröter, Managing Director of the German Construction Chemicals Association, and a member of the Executive Board of the EFCC, makes balance of the last half year and takes a look into the future.